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Schedule: The vineyard is open daily between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. No visitors are allowed to be present after visiting hours.

Access: the Vineyard reserves the right of admission. We do not allow the entry of persons with symptoms of intoxication. It is forbidden to introduce into the Vineyard weapons of any kind, as well as, alcoholic beverages.

Vehicles: Use the dotted lines to park your vehicle. The vineyard is not responsible for items left in your vehicle, or for damage to your vehicle by other visitors. Drive with a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour. Motorbikes must use vehicular parking spaces, likewise horses, only bicycles are allowed entry to the main square.

Tours: You will be met at the "Meeting Point" by one of our guides, who will conduct the visit of the facilities. After the tour you will have the liberty to enjoy the many activities offered by the Vineyard. Please remember not to leave the marked trails designated for use by visitors and be aware of signs.
Access to some areas is restricted for security reasons. Walk carefully especially if the stones and gravel paths are wet from rain.

Fauna, Flora and fossils: do not collect any stones, plants or animal species. Do not cut or damage the vines. Do not disturb the flora and fauna. Sharp utensils are strictly forbidden in the premises..

Lake: Do not swim in the lake. Recreational activities are not permitted in the water. Do not throw garbage into the lake of any kind. Do not wash utensils in the lake.

Fire: Do not light fires in the Vineyard. Do not throw glass, or cigarette butts on the ground, they take years to decompose and can cause fires.

Noise: do not honk your horn or turn on car alarms while in the Vineyard. Do not use sound reproduction equipment. Avoid noise emissions which prevent hearing nature’s sounds. Noise is also pollution.

Garbage: do not throw rubbish in the Vineyard or leave residues or containers. Please deposit garbage in the marked containers.

Photograhs and filming: you may take photographs and film as long as they are not for commercial purposes. Filming and photography authorizations may be obtained contacting our Bogota. It is forbidden to take photos with flash inside the wine cellar.

Food: We do not allow the entry of food or having picnics at the Vineyard.

Bathrooms: use the restroom facilities in the area found adjacent to the Quimbaya square.


Pets must be on a leash and cannot enter the winery and the wine cellar.
Smoking is allowed outdoors in the Vineyard (but not inside the production plant and especially     in the wine cellar), however, visitors are requested to throw the butts in trash containers.
Camping is not allowed.
In an emergency or accident contact our Vineyard staff who are trained and will be available to help with the situation.